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A short description of all published lessons 

SME45 - Management Styles
Peter gathers his new team for their first meeting in the new organization. He is explaining his management vision of running the company and integrating the
employees of OMB Group has just acquired. His attempt is to apply the right management style to handle the change.

SME44 - Mergers and Acquisitions
Peter’s proposal for the OMB Board is to acquire a small local company. The acquisition will involve certain legal steps to be followed.

SME43 - Business Law
Peter has had a successful performance review and has been appointed the head of the new division in Slovakia. He is tasked to research the options for establishing the new division. He discusses his findings after talking to the legal department within OMB Group.

SME42 - Across Cultures
Peter and Jenny, his peer from New York, are discussing how their teams across the globe will work together on a project. They are considering the challenges and exploring different options for working on virtual teams.

SME41 - Performance Review
A performance review or appraisal is a part of guiding and managing career development, analyzing employee’s recent successes and failures, personal strengths and weaknesses, and suitability for promotion or further training. Elena is giving Peter feedback on
his performance.

SME40 - Company Ethics
Peter is meeting Mrs. Preston, the company lawyer. She is going to explain more on the company code of ethics and the values the company acknowledges.

SME39 - Ending a Meeting
Peter has been successful in leading his first meeting. He has comfortably explained all the facts, managed to maintain his role as a leader, and reacted well to all objections raised. He adjourns the meeting with some closing statements.

SME38 - Participating in a Meeting 
Peter continues the meeting by giving a presentation on the marketing survey. He has opened up the meeting for discussion with the Product, Sales, Marketing and Finance Department participants.

SME37 - Chairing a Meeting
Peter has been asked to lead his first meeting at OMB Group by Steve, the Marketing Manager. Peter is announcing the launch of a new product in January...

SME36 - Concluding a Presentation
Peter now finishes his presentation. The conclusion of his speech deals with the questions from the audience. The questions are directed to both Peter and Michael.

SME35 - Main Body of a Presentation
Peter has presented a successful introduction by providing the audience with a background of the content and the agenda of what he will be discussing. He is ready to share the core information and will have Michael take over to close the presentation since he is the Sales Representative.

SME34 - Starting a Presentation
Peter is back from his trip to New York where he and his colleague Michael participated at the OMB Group’s annual meeting. The CEO has asked Peter to present his experience and findings from the business trip. Below is the first part of his presentation.

SME33 - Entertaining Visitors
Dave volunteers to give Peter and Steve a tour of New York. On Sunday morning they decided to see Lower Manhattan, a famous part of New York. Dave is talking about the history, famous sights and well-known neighborhoods in the Big Apple.

SME32 - Dining Out
Eating meals is a way of building a relationship. Having a dinner together is an important part of doing business. Peter and Michael are invited to join Samantha and Carl from OMB Group Sweden for dinner. They have already engaged in some small talk and are ready to order.

SME31 - Networking
Peter and Michael are attending the OMB Group’s annual meeting which is being held in New York. Michael has already participated in one of the panels. Peter arrives and is introducing himself to Dave, one of the conference organizers, and a native New Yorker.

SME30 - Hotel Check-In
Peter has arrived in New York to attend the OMB Group’s annual meeting. He is at the hotel reception desk and is checking into the hotel.

SME29 - Airport Security
Peter and his colleague Michael are travelling on a business trip to New York to attend the global annual meeting for OMB Group. They are in the airport and are about to go through airport security.

SME28 - Booking a Ticket
Peter and Michael are going to fly to New York for the annual meeting for OMB Group. Caroline, the receptionist, is booking two airline tickets for Peter and his colleague. 

SME27 - Winning a Customer
Peter arranges a meeting with a potential customer on the phone. Before he meets the customer in person, he gets some tips from Michael Smith, the Sales Representative, on how to deal with the customer on the spot.

SME26 - Customer Service
After spending some time in the Sales Department, Peter comes across his first real customer. He deals with a customer complaint on the phone and conducts himself professionally.

SME25 - Changing an Order
Peter is making a phone call to their supplier to make changes to an order. Unfortunately, the online ordering system of the supplier is down. Peter calls OnlinePro to make the changes.

SME24 - Negotiating a Contract
Peter is meeting with Mr. Right, an existing customer. Mr. Right and his company have been a client for over three years. Peter is sent to discuss the terms of their
sales contract and work with Mr. Right on his concerns about price.

SME23 - Account Management
Peter is meeting with Michael Smith, the Sales Representative, who manages the company’s relationship with major clients and is also responsible for developing new accounts. Peter would like to know more about thisposition.

SME22 - Sales Department
After an enlightening experience in the Finance Department, Peter is expected with Kevin Jones, the Sales Director at OMB Group. Mr. Jones is going to give Peter a brief overview of his unit.

SME21 - Taxes
One of the basic goals of the Finance Department is to keep a company financially strong and viable. From time to time, an examination of the company’s financial health is needed. Mr. Petrovic is introducing the term EBITDA in the dialog. Let’s find out more about it.

SME20 - Financing a Company
There are many ways a company can be financed. Peter meets with Mr. Petrovic who has been with OMB Group as a treasurer for seven years. Mr. Petrovic is advising Peter on how a company can be given working capital for its activities.

SME19 - Auditing
Mr. Peterson recommended that Peter meets Mr. Trench who works for the company that audits OMB Group. Mr. Trench teaches Peter the basic differences between accountants and auditors.

SME18 - Accounting Documents
Mr. Peterson, the Senior Accountant of OMB Group, is talking to Peter about accounting. Mr. Peterson teaches Peter about basic financial reports which describe the financial condition of a company. But there are manymore accounting terms to be discussed…

SME17 - Finance Department
After his placement in the Marketing Department, Peter meets with Mr. Klose, the CFO of OMB Group. Peter is interested in learning about the structure of the Finance Department and Mr. Klose is giving a short overview of the department and how it operates.

SME16 - At a Trade Show
OMB Group gets an invitation for an international trade show. Steve is thinking it over and discusses the idea of participating in it with Peter. Peter submits the advantages of having a presence at the trade show…

SME15 - Company Website
In this unit, Peter is introduced to Michael, a webmaster at OMB Group. Michael is sharing useful information about a company website and Peter comments on it. Steve, the head of the Marketing Department, wants Peter to collaborate on this project. 

SME14 - Direct Marketing
Peter is meeting with Steve in his office. He comes up with a good idea about the upcoming marketing campaign. Knowing a successful way of communicating a new product to a specific audience, Peter wants to share his thoughts.

SME13 - Client and Strategy
Steve Walker, the head of the department, discussed the marketing strategy with Peter yesterday. Now Peter becomes a member of a team having an appointment with a creative agency. Find out more about the outcome…

SME12 - Planning and Strategy
After sitting with the head of marketing, Peter takes part in a meeting which needs to find a better way of communicating their new product. Jacob, a media planner, is joining the meeting and helping Peter out. Steve, the head of the department, is expecting some bright ideas from them.

SME11 - Market Research
Knowing basic facts about the company, Peter starts a series of appointments with heads of departments in the company. Today, he sits with Steve Walker, the head of marketing, and learns more about positions in this department.

SME10 - Corporate Culture
Peter encounters office gossip for the first time. He handles it well by being positive and remaining neutral.

SME09 - Small Talk
Peter is getting to know more and more people in the different departments. His colleague John is introducing Victoria, the Brand Manager, and Mary, the Product Manager at OMB Group. Peter learns how to lead an informal conversation with his colleagues.

SME08 - Solving a Problem at Work
In the last unit, Peter, a new employee, learned about the departments at OMB Group and met several colleagues. Now, Peter does not know what to do because his boss, Andrea, asked him to work overtime. Peter feels he is being taken advantage of because he is a new hire. He is talking to his colleague, John.

SME07 - Company Structure
John Mayers, a colleague of Peter, is giving Peter basic facts about the OMB Group. John is talking about company executives and describing main departments in the corporation. Peter is looking forward to getting to know people working there.

SME06 - Company Introduction
Peter arrives for his first day of employment at OMG Group. Caroline, the receptionist, will orientate him to the company today.
Peter is a little bit late; Caroline is waiting for him in the vestibule.

SME05 - Selling Yourself
In the last lesson, Elena, the HR Manager at OMB Group, was discussing candidates for a job with the company CEO. They finally decided to hire Peter Schmid. Sally, Elena’s assistant, is calling Peter to offer him the job with OMB Group.

SME 04 - Selecting Employees
Peter had his interview at OMB Group. He felt the interview went very well and is waiting for notification from the company.
Elena, the HR Manager, is discussing the candidates with the CEO, Mr. Black.

SME03 - At a Job interview 2
Peter is interviewing for a job with OMB Group. They have discussed his work experience in the first part of the interview. This lesson will cover the second part of the interview, where Peter talks about his achievements, strengths and weaknesses and the salary expectations.

SME02 - At a Job Interview 1
Peter attended a local job fair in search of a new job. He spoke with a recruiter from OMB Group. Peter has been invited to a job interview by OMB Group. Today we will look at the first part of his interview.

SME01 - At a Job Fair
Peter Schmid is currently unemployed and looking for a job. He has decided to attend a local job fair. There are several employers there looking to hire the right candidate for the job. He is talking to a recruiter from OMB Group, a company
that he is interested in.

45 lekcií obchodnej angličtiny v denníku SME

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