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Your Choice - jazyková škola is a young, modern and creative language school. Our teachers, whose average age is about 28, keep it young. We are also modern because we use the latest teaching methods, for example, Direct Method. And creative? We all like to laugh during the lessons and we always like to do something so that our clients are always happy to be with us. For example, we organise camps for children, afternoon playtime, learning with LEGO and small events for different occasions.

Although we were established in 2005, we still look forward to every client who joins us (we’ve already had over 5,000). We also do a large amount of translations, so clients, who work with foreign companies, travel or employ foreigners, are welcome to join us too. They can bring us or send us their documents which we are happy to translate, every month we translate more than 500 pages.

Four years ago, we launched English lessons for children using English teachers. And it's great! Their parents have confidence us, so we are able to teach their children in more than 20 schools and nurseries throughout the Trnava district. In 2016, more than 1,500 children were taught by young and entertaining English teachers.

We have recently launched Creative Learning with LEGO as part of the Fabrička project. 330 parents and children came to the opening of Fabrička (January 2017). In LEGO Learning, children learn how the things around us work, they create teams and learn to cooperate and communicate. Moreover, they play with LEGO, because this is what they like the most.

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       Silvia Holéczyová                         Igor Holéczy                             Jana Tomková                   

CEO and Executive Director     CEO and Executive Director           Director of Translations              


                                                            Marína Bartošová  

                                                             Project manager 




If you want to learn a language by talking as much as possible, experiencing a creative atmosphere and achieving measurable results, Your Choice is the right choice for you.

A modern teaching method of speaking and comprehension using a foreign language, which makes up 90% of the lessons, will be used. Teachers use visual aids, practical examples, develop creative vocabulary and teach grammar without having students memorise the rules. Each course has clearly tracked goals that the learner and the teacher set at the beginning of the course and they will meet them at the end of the course.

In addition, during the course you meet other people with similar interests, either in a small group (max. 8 students), an even smaller group (3-4) or in an individual course.

Our staff are always ready to help, there is fresh lemon water available and you can use the library, listen to audiobooks or chat with our English teachers from all over the world.

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The entire process of translation is coordinated by our project manager, who also communicates with the client, not only about the formal aspects, but also the terminological aspects of the text. We use specialized CAT tools for translation, Translation memory and translations are cross-checked by two translators.

If a client requests, the translation can be checked by a native speaker of the target language (for example, in the case of English humanistic or marketing texts, we use the services of a professor who lives in Canada). To ensure consistency and accuracy, technical terms and phrases are confirmed using a wider group of a dozen technical specialists.

We officially translate from and into 21 languages. We translate contracts, birth certificates, school reports, apprenticeship certificates, criminal records, so all types of official documents.

Our eleven-years of experience and a constantly increasing demand (we exceeded 6,000 pages in 2016) for our translation and interpreting services say it all.

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